Baby Golem

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Baby Golem er skapt fra et stykke emballasje av formpresset papp.

Baby Golem, first attempt, with pedestal, clay, pinewood, 40cm x 32cm x 15cm

The Golem is an entity created from "dust", clay or mud. Its purpose is to serve man, but legends say that if the circumstances around the Golem is not kept under control, the Golem could turn on their creator and the world in general. To animate the Golem, the sage has to give it a Holy Name, either by inscribing it on its forehead or writing it on a piece of paper that is inserted through its mouth and stored inside its body.




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The FUFF exhibition consists of works of four newly established female artists, all with a connection to Finnmark. The artists are Yvonne Normanseth from Alta, Ingerid Jordal former resident of Vadsø (now in Voss), sami artist Maret Anne Sara from Kautokeino and me. (My works are documented in the tab named FUFF).

Ingerid Jordal, "This is what you want this is what you get", 2014, Yvonne Normanseth, "Positiv men vettskremt", 2014

Photographer Ingerid Jordal faced and documented her guilty conscience concerning recycling through staged photographs on a waste facility. Maret Anne Sara held a performance where she sprinkled sand from the area around a closed mine, into a mannequin filled with water and light. She also made a large version of a traditional sami pendant, used for protection, and she designed a contemporary version of the shaman drum. She also made two art prints that criticized the market forces where one of the prints, depicting a woman giving birth to the earth, were taken out from the exhibition in Murmansk after complaints from the director.

Maret Anne Sara, 2014

The powerful Yvonne Normanseth scanned and 3D-printed herself, and produced tiny worry dolls that relieves us from our concerns for the environment. She 3D-printed breasts that rise from the ocean where the only parts, still above the shoreline, are the nipples. Her take on the vulnerable wet marches is a triangle shape of cotton-grass named after a genre of porn - "Soaking wet cottons". Her Energy-series envision nuclear power as an environment friendly solution to the world's needs for power, and her Sophrosyne-series underlines temperance when extracting resources. Her works are a mixture of lasercutting and -etching, drawing, embroidering and digital print on various materials.

Yvonne Normanseth, "the sacrifice",2015, "ritual", 2014, "Soaking wet cottons", 2014

Yvonne also prints personal interpretations of rock carvings on slates where she proposes that people engage in sado-machocistic activities in the stone age. She comments on melting on the poles by embroidered the earth, seen from above the north and the south pole. A picture of intestines is printed on a board which works as a fixture for a reindeer horn. Prayer beads made from beans are hung on the horn. The work is a prayer for the earths survival. Yvonne Normanseth's largest work is an embroidered cloth which hangs from a wooden bar beneath a shelf. It depicts a reindeer herd;  three glasses of gravel are placed on the shelf. The work comments on the erosion of the Finnmark plateau caused by excessive reindeer herds.

FUFF artist group is nominated for an art prize that goes to young contemporary artists. It consists of NOK 200 000 and a solo show in 2017 in Sandefjord Art Assosiation. The goal of the prize is to support and stimulate young, national, talents who through their art reflect the contemporary. Moreover the prize aims for contributing to the futures art generations opportunities for development.

Update: We didn't win anything, but that's ok.

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