60 million tonnes

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The background for these two pieces is the debate that stands between environmental organisations and the mining company Nussir, whether it is safe to store toxic mining waste in the Repparfjord. At the moment, Norway is run by industrial and establishing friendly politicians and look at Finnmark as a county that has got more resources than one's able to extract. Moreover, the county is sparsely populated, so new establishments that ensures workplaces in the districts are welcome and also very important. A dumping of 60 million tonnes of tailings (mining waste) were approved by the government in December 2015. And in January, protesters rallied.

Mining industry in Finnmark does not only meet resistance from environmentalists. Reindeer herders and their traditional usage of the area are also threatened by the mine. The plans were approved with reservation. An agreement between the reindeer herders and the mining company have to be at hand. Presently, there is no dialogue between the two parts.

A change of heart

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